QA & Testing

Quality in our delivery paradigm stands for “a solution which perfectly
fits the client’s business objectives”.

We are a top-rated software quality assurance & testing company leveraging our potential to profound expertise in delivering quality tested applications to businesses. We implement the best possible software testing methodologies and own world-class software testing labs to deliver on our promise of quality assurance and digital diligence.

We offer end-to-end Software Testing services. We are an independent software QA company, certified QA experts, both manual & automated testing. Our QA specialists ensure your next-gen applications are bug-free.

Our Software Testing Services

We offer a wide range of software testing and QA services for Digital solutions. We constantly work on complex QA requirements and with our structured processes, tools and techniques, we adapt with ease to the industry agility. We offer complete software testing and quality assurance services for your desktop, web, mobile, and cloud-based applications.

Manual testing

Our team has a vast experience in automating Manual testing services using the industry’s leading testing and quality assurance tools. We can assist you in making the most of these technologies in order to maximize your return on investment.

  • User Experience Testing
  • Test case Creation
  • Cross-browser Testing
  • GUI Testing
  • DB Testing
  • Localization Testing

Automated Testing

As a quality assurance company, we deliver superior automation testing services for various software & application test projects. Our end-to-end automation testing services include:

  • Comprehensive Automation Solutions
  • Rapid Testing for Accurate Results
  • Automate Testing (Mobile, Regression, & Functional)

Performance Testing

We track down performance and reliability defects early on and respond to them so that the application can perform seamlessly.

  • Test Environments & Test Data Services
  • Business Performance Assurance
  • Cloud Channel Testing

Security testing

The security testing services focus on testing the software against various defined specifications and standards and meeting the end-user expectations for security. Our security testing services include:

  • Authentication Testing
  • Business Logic Testing
  • Authorization Testing

Accessibility Testing

We provide accessibility testing services following Section 508 & WCAG guidelines and ensure that your software is fully accessible to differently-abled users.

  • Visual Testing (Blind, Color Blind, Visually Impaired)
  • Auditory Testing (Deaf, Hard-to-Hear)
  • Cognitive, Mobility & Dexterity Testing

Mobile Testing

Our mobile compatibility testing services ensure that your application looks and functions seamlessly across various mobile platforms. Our mobile testing includes services like:

  • Mobile & Cloud Testing Services
  • Mobile Penetration & Security Testing Services
  • Localization & Automation Testing Services

Usability Testing

Our web usability testing services help reveal potential problems in software and mobile apps to solve UX problems right away.

  • Remote Usability Testing
  • User-interface, Design & Bucket Testing
  • Features, Functions & Hallway Testing
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