Nintex is a workflow automation tool that automates operations on various popular collaboration platforms and corporate content management systems. Nintex can now integrate on-premises, mobile, and cloud processes. This online service, recognized as one of the world’s leading workflow companies, enables businesses to automate their business operations effortlessly.

Lots of organizations use Nintex Workflow & Forms to get more done, in less time, with less hassle. Nintex makes it easy to design, build, and publish workflows across the enterprise to automate business processes. By using Nintex workflows, you can build very complex workflows in minutes using an intuitive, browser-based, drag-and-drop workflow designer. By using Nintex Forms designer users can design sophisticated forms with rich HTML formatting by simply drag-and-dropping controls. Forms can be designed easily for various devices like laptops, tablets, mobile, etc.

Nintex Workflow Advantages

  • Easy to use, simply drag and drop create and edit workflows
  • Save lots of time & resources
  • More workflow actions compared to SharePoint designer
  • Customize using browser
  • State machine workflow development
  • Communicate to Twitter, Facebook and Yammer etc
  • Nintex workflow app in mobile devices
  • Develop multi-level approval workflows, Lazy approval workflows, scheduled workflows etc

Nintex Forms Advantages

  • Complete control over the look and feel of forms without any coding
  • Extended form functionality above SharePoint’s own forms
  • Pixel-level positioning for form layouts
  • Simple publishing of forms for multiple devices
  • Additional rules and conditions built into your forms
  • Effortless re-branding of forms
  • Seamless integration with SharePoint’s data structures
  • Built-in extensibility for advanced customization

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