Kissflow Workflow

An end-to-end workflow platform for all your business needs

Kissflow Workflow is the best cloud-based service platform that streamlines all your business processes quickly and efficiently. Your employees can operate it even with little to no coding knowledge. This is made possible due to its incredible features. 

Designed for people with zero coding experience

Empower your teams to build their own workflows

Inter-process integrations

No more painful API integrations with third-party vendors

Help your Kissflow workflows talk to one another with ease.

All your workflows one single platform

Choose from hundreds of templates in Kissflow’s marketplace or build custom workflows according to each department’s need

Features of the Kissflow Workflow software

Some of the features of the Kissflow Workflow automated platform that make it unique are as follows: 

Friendly user-interface

The Kissflow Workflow software has a simple and easy-to-use visual interface and design. At times, there might be an increase in the size or volume of your business operations, which can cause the workflow to become chaotic and disorganized.

This platform ensures that the workplace is free from certain complications and processes run as smoothly as possible. Any employee can easily manage and track the progress of a workflow under one unified console.

Seamless integration

Kissflow Workflow also offers seamless integration, which you don’t easily find with other automated software. It allows you to connect your flows internally or with the help of external applications. You can also perform remote tasks efficiently.

Using this platform, you can smoothly and quickly integrate with APIs or Application Programming Interface and tools like Dropbox, Slack, Amazon EC2, and Zapier, among others.

Customizable reports and analytics

Another attractive feature of the Kissflow Workflow software is that it offers you the option of customizable reports and analytics. The software has a pre-built report feature that allows tasks and requests to be tracked easily at every stage.

There is also an intelligent charting feature that automatically suggests the correct type of chart based on the selected data. What this does is give you deep insights into the workflow process along with ready-to-metrics. It also offers data-driven storytelling, which helps you recognize vital information and develop it into actionable insights via data visualization.

Inter-team collaboration

Any organization requires an efficient level of collaboration. The Kissflow Workflow automated platform allows smooth and easy communication between team members.

Managers and other users can allocate tasks throughout the teams and enable the team members to provide inputs even from the remotest locations. Once you attach the documents to your file storage, the software manages and shares them according to the requirements of each team member.

You can achieve optimized performance for your workflows with Kissflow Workflow since it consists of all the aforementioned features. From saving time and increasing productivity to reducing errors, this workflow automation platform could be a one-stop solution for all your business process needs.

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